Snazzle Snaxxs

It’s Not Your Fault Billions of dollars are spent every year on advertising that tells your kids it’s okay to eat foods that are addicting and unhealthy. Surrounded by this relentless advertising—thousands of images every day—and with their taste buds hopelessly distorted by synthetic flavors and chemical “fake foods,” it’s little wonder that so many kids are overweight and addicted to sugary drinks and snacks.

The Snazzle Snaxxs Solution

That’s why we invented Snazzle Snaxxs™. They’re tasty snacks that will help your kids, not hurt them. You can use them in place of unhealthy snacks while you start transitioning your family to a healthy diet. We call them transitional foods.

Who’s in Control?

In most cases, the problem is about control. It turns out, the solution is also about control. Who controls your kids? Who controls their moods, their grades, attitudes, performance and attention span? Is it you? Is it your kids themselves? Or is it all the junk food advertising that manipulates their thinking—and their metabolism? You decide. Did you know that certain ingredients in drinks and snacks control mood, energy, attitude and performance? That’s why the solution to so many of our current problems lies with proper nutrition. Success in that area is truly a family affair. We’ve gotten into this problem all together. We have to get out of it together.

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