Botanical Supplement Mixes

Modern nutraceutical science has identified many naturally occurring plant-based substances that can profoundly support human health and metabolism. The challenge for Ideal Health was to create a delivery method for these powerful botanicals that was physically appealing, good tasting, convenient and fun. The result? Ideal Health’s QuikStik™ brand Botanical Supplement Mixes…

  • Convenient.Carry a few in pocket or purse for use anytime!
  • Delicious.Just mix with pure water for a great tasting “pick-me-up” or “calm-me-down” beverage whenever you feel the need.
  • Effective. Formulated with natural bionutrients known to affect human health and metabolism without unwanted side effects.

Three great flavors. Three scientific formulas.

Just break open a QuikStik™, mix with a bottle or glass of pure water, and you’ve got a delicious, mood enhancing drink to help you through any part of your day. Choose from three delicious flavors, each with its own special blend of botanicals.

  • WindUp™ in the morning gets you going with the nutrients your body really needs, infusing your brain with the essence of clarity.
  • ReWind™ in the afternoon brings you back from droopiness by replenishing depleted nutrients and infusing your body with the spirit of renewal.
  • UnWind™ in the evening infuses you with naturally relaxing bionutrients, to help you unwind without taxing your liver.

“I never thought a product like QuikStik would actually work. But now I can hardly believe how alert I feel during the day—especially in the afternoon… or how calm I feel after the commute home through rush hour traffic. Thank you, Ideal Health!” – Charlotte Henderson

 To find out more about Quikstik or to order Click Here


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