Beauty products

Your life. More radiant.

Active solutions for skin renewal, literally it’s “your life.” It’s an anti-aging solution for skin renewal, based on exceptional science and an approach to wellness that together take the worry out of getting older. It nurtures your skin’s health—and the glow that comes with it—with a groundbreaking, patented peptide Only our product’s Peptide combines three skin-affirming functions in every product: reducing free radicals, activating skin’s cellular DNA repair, and boosting collagen renewal—for firmer, more hydrated, radiant skin.

What’s in it?

Skin-positive and nature-based active ingredients, like:
• Patented Peptide
• Vitamins like E, A and B3
• Minerals like hematite and zinc
• Plant actives
• Rich natural emollients and moisture enhancers

What’s NOT in it?

Anything that might irritate or do harm, like:
• Animal or animal-tested products
• Fragrance
• Parabens or PEGs
• Other potential toxins or irritants

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