My Products

CUSTOMIZED NUTRITION: Nutraceutical products for healthier living and cutting-edge supplements supported by science. No more guesswork or confusion about what supplements to take.

CUSTOM TEST SERIES: A way to access more information about your own individual biochemistry, whether you’re just curious or if certain person symptoms indicate that you really should investigate a particular area. Through exclusive manufacturing and testing arrangements, and by making use of economies of scale, these tests are uniquely affordable, far less than through a doctors’ office. For more information on Custom nutrition and test series go to:

WEIGHT LOSS: There is an epidemic of excess weight and obesity in this country. The solution, a properly calibrated weight loss program that’s been extensively reviewed by the National Institutes of Health, the Institue of Medicine, and others. With this program you eat LOTS, you won’t be hungry – and the extra fat will just fall away – with or without exercise! It’s a lifetime solution, not a quick fix.

MOOD INFUSION BEVERAGES: Revolutionary nutritional energy drinks for every part of the day that your body really needs. Cookie-cutter “energy” drinks that rely on caffeine and sugar to give you a fake boost can leave you feeling empty and depleted. These natural drinks pick you up and let you down easy – without the side effects of artificial stimulants.

 HEALTH SNACKS:  Healthy snacks and drinks specially designed to help our children perform better while providing a healthier and tasty alternative to standard junk snacks. It contains nutrients that are good and will help them, not hurt them.

 BioCe: Active solutions for skin renewal. Pronounced “by-OH-chay”, and literally it’s “your life.” It’s an anti-aging solution for skin renewal, based on exceptional science and an approach to wellness that together take the worry out of getting older.

BioCé nurtures your skin’s health—and the glow that comes with it—with a groundbreaking, patented peptide. Only the BioCé Peptide combines three skin-affirming functions in every product: reducing free radicals, activating skin’s cellular DNA repair, and boosting collagen renewal—for firmer, more hydrated, radiant skin.

What’s in BioCé?
Patented BioCé Peptide
Vitamins like E, A and B3
Minerals like hematite and zinc
Plant actives and rich natural emollients

What’s NOT in BioCé?
Animal or animal-tested products
Fragrance, parabens or PEGs
Other potential toxins or irritants





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