Why I made this blog

Fitness has always been a big part of my life, ever since I was a little boy I can remember every member of my family being into some sort of sport. Whether it was weight lifting, biking, swimming, martial arts you name it. Ever since I left military life I’ve had lots of time on my hands. Recently I went online to visit a few fitness oriented websites, blogs and social sites.

What really caught my interest are the amounts of people in need of information or being fed the wrong information, from nutrition to weight loss, muscle gains and diets. Different people ask the same questions and are replied to individually by random people who sometimes don’t truly know the subject at hand.

I say if the answers are the same and apply to everyone, then why not have it stored someplace where everyone in search of that particular subject can find it and read about it there from a credible source? The information is given only once, everyone can see it and when the readers have questions regarding a different subject they may look it up in the same manner.

People are making bad choices whether it’s with their nutrition, their exercises, workout plans or anything that relate to fitness. This is why I created this page, it gives me the means to educate folks who need the information in order for them to make the right decisions. People aren’t dumb, just not well-informed sometimes even misinformed.

I don’t know everything and I won’t ever claim that I do but I’ve taken notice that everything I know and have learned in the past few years seem to be above the average individual’s knowledge so I’m here to share what I know with my readers and what I write has been researched and are actual Facts. No hearsay or unconfirmed theories.

My name is Erick Castelin Jr and I’m your host.


Erick Castelin Jr

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