The six pack question

How do I get a six-pack? What should i eat to get a six-pack? How soon in my workout will i start to see a six-pack? i do crunches every day and still can’t see a six-pack, what am i doing wrong? People ask those questions all the time, they work hard and build lots of visible muscle on their arms, back legs almost everywhere but their abs. The not so perfect mid section is always the last thing to go.

six packs aren’t achieved by just doing a certain exercise or just by working out every day. There are two main variables between you and your six packs: The first is your current body fat percentage (because you may already have a six-pack under there but as long as you have that layer of fat on your stomach you will never be able to see them).

The second is your training intensity (you may already have a very low body fat percentage and a flat stomach and still not see any six packs). If that’s the case for you then need to do some sort of resistance or weight training in order to make those abdominal muscles pop out.

Even if you were to work your abs a 5 or 6 times a day, you may not see the results you want with a high body fat percentage, ab exercise alone won’t be enough. The way the abdominals work is simple but just need to be understood in order for anyone to mold them to perfection.

They are similar to and at the same time different from any other skeletal muscle in the human body: Different because it isn’t attached to any bones and isn’t as visible as the other muscles. If you flex any other muscle, whether they have great tonicity or not that muscle becomes somewhat visible under the skin but that isn’t the case for the abdominal. They are similar to other muscles because it is possible to overtrain and exhaust them. Also like other muscles if they are trained with heavy weights they will grow in mass.

So don’t become obsessed with abdominal exercises, focus on your body as a unit and exercise it as such. Cardio and aerobic exercises are great ways to reduce body fat. Weight lifting adds muscle which in turn helps burn fat quicker.Doing various exercises is always preferable than sticking to just one thing.

Work on your abs just a few times per week, follow a combination of eating right, exercising accurately along with cardio and aerobics being the main body or your belly flattening, abdominal popping workout and you will see some changes. Everyone can get six packs, it’s making them visible that’s the real challenge.


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3 Responses to The six pack question

  1. Sandy says:

    Wow!!! I get it. So I have change to do. “Working my abs 2/week” Thanks.

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