Spot Reducing Fat Loss

The human body stores fat in a very particular matter. When People put on weight, it GENERALLY starts with the stomach (generally because it doesn’t always start in that area) and when they are losing that weight, the last place that your body stored the fat into is the first place body fat starts leaving from.

If I eat a lot and gain weight per example: you will notice my Stomach getting big, love handles will soon show, then my face bulks up and achieve the double chin masterpiece. Then some excess fat under my arms every time I wave at someone, then my legs will follow and so forth.

Suppose that I’m losing that weight right before your eyes. You would see my legs get thinner first (as they were the last places my body fat was stored), then my arms would lose the excess fat. My double chin would disappear along with my love handles and FINALLY I will lose the gut. That’s how weight loss works and that is a fact, not hearsay or unconfirmed theories.

So for people out there doing countless crunches a day everyday or working one body part obsessively and the poor souls who get suckered into buying all sorts of fitness machines from television programs claiming that they will have the perfect body if they use their equipment three times a week for about ten to fifteen minutes … YOU HAVE BEEN SERIOUSLY MISLED.

If you have a considerably high body fat percentage and try to use those fitness equipments in the hopes of achieving the promised results, you will be very unhappy with the outcome. Ab machines have only one purpose, they offer resistance training to that body part making them stronger, that they are great at. Machines for other body parts may put some more muscle on you but using them alone won’t make you slimmer.

The only way anyone can spot reduce fat is through LIPOSUCTION and that doesn’t count as an exercise as I’m sure you already know. What makes a particular body part become slimmer isn’t a certain type of exercise of a workout, its overall weight loss. So cardio and aerobics are what you need to focus on.

A few words of wisdom from my pal Steve Turano


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