Hydration benefits

Water assists the body (the liver to be more specific) in metabolizing fat. Our kidneys flush out toxins from out bodies and need water in order to perform that task. When water isn’t available to them, they depend on the liver for support. Whenever the liver assists the Kidneys it becomes less efficient in its other functions (one of which is metabolizing fat). Water also helps in the passage of fiber through the body keeping the bowels working properly.

Water is the essence of life, it carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells and helps the body absorb those nutrients, it also removes waste from the cells through the lymphatic system. It regulates body temperature and also protects vital organs as well as the joints by cushioning them. Without water, energy levels go down, bones de-mineralized, immune system becomes less effective leaving the body susceptible to illnesses.

The body isn’t able to flush out waste properly and physical performance levels reduce at a rapid rate when doing any kind of physical activity. A great percentage of the foods we eat leaves behind waste which the body has to flush out. It is best to keep hydrated when before during and after working out in order to compensate for the body’s loss electrolytes and fluids though perspiration.

Whether you are an athlete or a person who’s never worked out a day in their life about eight 8 ounce glasses of water daily is recommended or half of your bodyweight in ounces in order to keep your body healthy but keep in mind that people are different and some need more or less than others depending on their daily activities. But overall water helps the body perform well in every aspect. 


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