How to lose weight

The term is called “Calorie Deficit”, it’s when someone uses up more energy than they are consuming. You can create a calorie deficit from the types of food you eat, how much of it you eat, through exercise and your daily activity levels. To create a calorie deficit you need to consume fewer calories than you burn every day. The body needs a certain amount of calories to fuel its daily activities and by remaining in a state of calorie deficit you force your body to look for an alternate source of energy (our excess fat)to use as fuel.

Although it is logically much easier to lose weight through daily food consumptions alone, the majority of us fail at it then resort to exercising. which isn’t bad but why let it get that far? Exercising is most efficient if the dieting was priority from the beginning, the whole process would be less difficult. Whoever you are, however old you are, male or female, fit or obese, no matter your race, color or creed the process remains the same. The only way anyone is able to lose weight is by creating a calorie deficit. Exercising is a very good way to do it and you see results much faster than just through dieting alone but one doesn’t necessarily need to workout in order to reach their goal of having a slimmer body.

Simple tasks such as mowing the lawn, taking a walk around the block, playing with your kids or friends if you’re younger, doing yard work. When getting to work, park your car a little farther from your destination so that you can walk a bit longer than usual and using the stair instead of the elevator. Every bit counts, be creative. The reason some folks are more successful than other at weight loss than others is because their willing to do those little things. It’s not a type of food that you’re supposed to stay away from because it’s fattening, it’s the extra dessert, the seconds, the oversized portions and the gigantic beverage containers that make anyone pack on the pounds. Eating too much at one sitting.

Sitting all day and being inactive doesn’t create enough of a calorie deficit for anyone to see change in their weight, if you’re at work get up and walk every 20 to 25 minutes as I said: be creative, it’s your body. So now that you understand the concept, it’s time to put that knowledge into good use. Eat responsibly!

A few words of advice from my pal Steve Turano


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  1. Sandy says:

    Helpful!!! Thank you so much.

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