The three energy systems

After providing lots of very detailed information regarding weight loss and how it truly works I still think that most people still don’t quite get the concept so I would like to touch on the subject once more.

When it comes to weight loss, there are no specific exercises you can do in order to lose weight, trim off the remainder of fat sitting on your waist line, your stomach, or wherever the excess fat may be. THERE ARE NO SPOT REDUCING EXERCISES! The only way to work fat off of the body is through cardio and aerobic exercises.

  • Exercising individual body parts strengthen and build muscles (this type of exercise is referred to as anaerobic)
  • Cardio is most beneficial for the heart, lungs and strengthens the blood vessels (the whole cardiovascular system thus the name cardio).
  • All exercises burn calories but aerobics is the major contributor when it comes to weight loss. Aerobic exercises are basically exercises that keep your body in constant rhythmic and continuous motion similar to cardio but maintained at low intensity and a long duration (cardio and aerobic exercises also differ by how energy is generated within the muscle)

This may not seem like the fat reducing solution the majority of people are expecting to hear about but it’s the real deal. The Aerobic system within the body is the process of stored glucose in the blood, muscle and fats stored on the body overall being changed into Fatty acids which then react with Oxygen (Krebs Cycle) and produces ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate, a molecule in the cells that allows rapid access to energy when that energy is needed to perform work).

It provides the energy that we use or burn through movement or exercise. During aerobic sessions the body requires oxygen in order to change that stored fat into energy. Going out of breath would cause the heart rate to rise turning the aerobic exercise into cardio. During an aerobic exercise, carbs are the primary source of ATP for the first 20 minutes of exercise. Then, your body will mostly turn to stored body fat and blood borne glucose and continue to use them mainly for long as low intensity is maintained. The body keeps burning fat up to 30 minutes after the workout is completed.

Exercises, such as pushups, sit ups, weight lifting, are Anaerobic exercises and don’t require oxygen, they don’t burn fat in the process neither are they a direct cause of weight loss. Those exercises force the body to use stored glucose in the body, breaking them down into Pyruvic acid which creates a small amount of ATP that can rapidly fuel muscle work. (That breakdown leaves the byproduct Lactic acid which is what causes the pain we feel soon after a certain amount of muscle work). That energy supply lasts for roughly one minute (No fat is used).

When weight loss is the game, don’t look for certain types of lifting or pulling in other words anaerobic exercise, they will only get you so far. Cardio is great and it burns a considerable amount of fat but again, it is best used to strengthen the cardiovascular system. Plus there is no need to tire yourself out to such a degree every time you work out for the sake of weight loss…. No seriously Aerobic exercises are what we should focus on for weight loss. It directly targets stored fat, you don’t get out of breath and along with a great calorie deficit diet plan there is no way to stop you from reaching your weight loss goal.


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