About Erick

Erick was born in Port of Prince, Haiti. His parents used to travel a lot so he’s lived in different places throughout his childhood. Places like Brooklyn New York where he has several close relatives, Boston and Cambridge Massachusetts where he went to junior high. After Junior High, he went to Haiti for a couple of years and attended high schools there.

Throughout his years, Erick realized that he had great potential and lots of talent. He was tall, athletically built and he loved physical challenges. At a very young age, he began practicing martial arts and became a brown belt at Shotokan. Music runs in his family, so it’s no surprise that at age 7 his parents had sent him to a music class for children. At age 8 his mother thought him to play the guitar herself, a skill he still enjoys to this day. He also loved art, he painted, drew, sketched and also wrote poems in English, French and Haitian Creole.


On his 19th birthday, he traveled back to the United States to attend college, he spent some time in New York where he took a computer information technology class. During his stay there, he found an interest in the marine corps but kept it in the back of his mind. He went down to Springfield Massachusetts to continue his studies but during his attendance, he did some research on the military and decided to join the United States Navy.

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On the May 22nd  2006 Erick  enlisted with a Hospital Corpsman N.E.C (Navy Enlisted Classification) code and shipped out to RTC (Recruit Training Command) in Great Lakes, Illinois after which he was sent to NHCS (Naval Hospital Corps School) for his job training.





As a Corpsman Erick also went to FMTB(Field Medical Training Battalion, then called Field Medical Service School) and became certified 8404 Corpsman (Combat Medic). He then got attached to the HQTR&SPT BN, 2NDMarDiv (2nd Marine Division’s Headquarters and Support Battalion) where he worked with Marines and Sailors alike and put his new skills to good use.

Erick married his beloved wife Christina in January of 2007 and soon after, they had their first child.

Erick was later on attached to the 24MEU/CLB24 (24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, 24th Combat Logistic Battalion), He deployed and fought during OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom) and was sent on several other field missions during his service. During his service, Erick took care of over 600 Marines and injuries varied from sprained ankles to severe combat injuries.

Erick and his family left the military life in January 13, of 2011 and moved to Florida bought a house and are enjoying their new, quiet and peaceful lives.


Erick Castelin Jr

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+1(916) 893 3354






3 Responses to About Erick

  1. Sandyatita says:

    Wish you luck young man. “Sky is the limit”

  2. Sandyatita says:

    I wish you luck young man. “Sky is the limit”

  3. Thank you very much! 🙂

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